The Friday 13 with D.G. Valdron

D.G. Valdron is a shy and reclusive Canadian writer, rumored to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He loves exploring interesting and obscure corners of pop culture. The Mermaid’s Tale is his first published novel, released in August, 2016, by Five Rivers Publishing. Since then he has released two books through Fossil Cove Publishing  The Greatest Unauthorized… Continue reading The Friday 13 with D.G. Valdron


“So what do we know?” I asked Job and Regina. We were at an Chinese restaurant. We were full and smoking. “Shadow, Guardian, Shush,” I said. “Servant, Teth, and Assassin,” Regina added, “and that one who came out last night that we couldn’t get anything out of, do you remember that?” “I do,” Job said.… Continue reading Pain