Smilin’ Jack, Part 4

Darkness and Job’s couch. I was asleep, and though lightning and rain raged out beyond the door, I was safe. Safe from homelessness, safe from starvation. But barely. Job had opened his house to me, had lent me succor from the streets. But I could not work. I was too far gone for that. I… Continue reading Smilin’ Jack, Part 4

The Friday 13 with R.B. Watkinson

Raised on legends, myths, tales and fairy stories by her father, who collected them from across the world, R B Watkinson adores many genres, but fantasy is undeniably her favourite. Any and all types, be it epic, adventuresome, mysterious, grim and dark. 1.Why storytelling? What made you yearn to tell a good story, and how… Continue reading The Friday 13 with R.B. Watkinson

The Friday 13 with Dyrk Ashton

Dyrk Ashton was born in Athens (Ohio, not Greece), on a chilly Halloween morning. Writing novels is something he’d always wanted to do but never had the time, gumption, or the maturity, more likely, to actually do. He’s found he loves the writing process, actually needs it, and will continue to write even if nobody… Continue reading The Friday 13 with Dyrk Ashton

Haunted by the Nameless Boy

It’s all in the name. One name can propel a story for me. One fantastic name can make or break it all. I have gotten lucky and created a few great names. Saykobar Hesh, Volacha Brinchay, Kolaster Vagan, Tobin the Treefrog, Rayph Ivoryfist—all these names crafted the character for me. They all brought that character… Continue reading Haunted by the Nameless Boy

The Friday 13 with Jesse Teller

Hello, folks! It is Friday, October 13th, and when this month and this day and this day of the week came together like this, something strange and supernatural happened in my office. There was a knock on my door. I opened it and a funny looking guy stood out in the hallway. I’d seen this… Continue reading The Friday 13 with Jesse Teller