The Man in the Dark

Job had come home early and found me drunk and weeping. The phone calls had been going all night, and when all was said and done, the whole of the body had passed out except him. When Job walked into the house, the man in the dark bedroom slipped his hand under the blankets and… Continue reading The Man in the Dark

Viva La Revolution: Character Archetype

Sir Ken Robinson said a curious thing about education. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, “What we need in education is not reform. What we need in education is revolution.” I have been thinking about characters in fiction, been thinking about the cardboard, one-dimensional characters we are seeing everywhere, and I have come to the conclusion… Continue reading Viva La Revolution: Character Archetype

The Friday 13 with Dale Triplett

Arbra Dale Triplett has been a freelance writer and editor scribbling fiction, advertising, marketing and bad poetry on bathroom walls for more than two decades. As a military brat he spent most of his youth in Germany, then later served in both the Marine Corps and Air Force. After years of bouncing across the nation… Continue reading The Friday 13 with Dale Triplett