The Friday 13 with J.E. Mueller

J.E. Mueller is a midwesterner who spends just as much time writing as she does saying ‘ope’ and laughing at memes. Mueller was born and raised in IL where she still currently resides despite her lack of love for snow, ice, and that random ninety degree heat wave in October. Friends of Mueller consider her… Continue reading The Friday 13 with J.E. Mueller

Lost Confessions: Scratch, Part 1

In seventh grade I was pretty much a joke. I had no friends. I was wildly unpopular. I was laughed at, I was threatened, I was tortured. At school my sister met a girl named T, from across the room they became best friends. T was a headbanger. She dressed like a headbanger. She walked… Continue reading Lost Confessions: Scratch, Part 1

The Weaving of Threads

When I was telling the story of Rayph and his crew in the series The Manhunters, I had to think about it on a number of levels. Had to create a story that possessed many lengths and layers. There is a trick to this. No one wants to read a story with no ending. When readers… Continue reading The Weaving of Threads

The Friday 13 with William C. Markham

Spewed forth from the belly of ambition the same year Star Wars debuted in the last century, it is only natural that Markham has achieved greatness and cultivated such an entrepreneurial spirit. After conquering Chicago, he stepped up his game by returning to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, started his own theatre company (Impressions Theatre)… Continue reading The Friday 13 with William C. Markham