The Friday 13 with Greg Ramsay

ramsayGreg Ramsay lives in Cavan, ON with his family, a cat that thinks he owns the universe, and two overly-yappy little dogs that serve as the cat’s punching bags, unfortunately for them.

He enjoys writing Science Fiction, Horror, Thrillers, Mystery, and gripping violent action-filled stories that will blow your mind!


1.Why storytelling? What made you yearn to tell a good story, and how long was this story within you before it came out?

I’ve always written as a hobby. In my teenage years I focused on analytical prose and poetry, because I suppose I thought I was deep. I wanted to tell Lia’s story to create a world where she could help me through my own pain/issues – to be the strong person I thought I couldn’t be. Her story was in me bit by bit for months, inspired by my ex, who took away the pain of years of abuse in every way but sexual by a stepdad with simple smiles and hugs.



2.What is it about your genre that speaks to you?

I tend to write grimdark horror sci-fi, a combo that speaks to me because it can be dark like the pain that drove me, logical, impossible, and fun all in one.


3.Without giving any spoilers, what is your favorite thing about this book?

Probably book two of the complete duology as that was written in college under full-force-then-undiagnosed PTSD and psychosis. (Book one was written in highschool if you’re wondering) Maybe highlighting a whole half of one’s life story is a cop-out, but my reason is that my mental illness made Lia real. It was much easier to write her story and bring about her true power – my favourite part of Lia’s story – when I could just write what she and the others wanted without the hangups of bygone inspirations or real-life baggage on my part.


4.If I were stuck in a room with your main character, what would we be doing?

Lia would be tactically assessing your environment, sizing you up, and if she determined everyone was safe she’d be looking for someone who actually needed her, probably. Now that my mental illness is treated I can’t say as she’s gone. What I can say for certain is she’s not much of a chatterbox, so you’d probably not get much more than what’s necessary out of her. How meta is this scenario though? If your room has fourth wall breaking powers she’d just toss you a paperback of her duology and leave to go be a bad-ass elsewhere.


5.When you are writing, tell me about the emotions that are running through you and what it takes to work alongside them.

It depends on the moment. Lia’s story started as an outlet for the darkness of real life, the demon and lady in my head so to speak. So it ranged from excitement at being able to record what my imagination was showing me, to hyper-violent rage, to depression, and back to boredom until the next action scene when the story could go back to its benefit to me of being an outlet. Which only became more relevant during book two’s writing as not only was it influenced by past trauma, but also the fact that I was raped by a girl in my first semester of college, right after being dumped by the girl who sort of inspired Lia just before that.


6.Everyone has at least one specific challenge that holds them back. What is that challenge in your work and how do you overcome it?

In my work as an author, or in terms of writing the books specifically? As an author my anxiety due to the mental illnesses caused by aforementioned traumas makes being the social figure the field demands impossible for me. I have panic attacks just getting replies on a comment I make online…really just any interaction with people. Heck, if I talk about myself to try and relate to people, e.g. sharing in an author group that I applied for grants as a self-published author, they accepted my Individual account, I go to apply and find self-publishers aren’t eligible. Which I found funny as why did the government bother approving me? I then shared that my government mailed me to say my permanent disability, (Cerebral Palsy) had ‘expired’ as I and my family found the blunt wording – despite knowing what they meant – hilarious. As if a permanent ever-worsening disability could go bad like milk and I’d just be functional all of a sudden… I got called a gaslighting psycopath who was bullying my government somehow. What?

Meanwhile if I dare to promote Lia I get told “If your book had any worth you wouldn’t be here promoting it.” from a lady who hadn’t read it. However in that case another author helped me feel better by saying Everyone promotes themselves, even Marvel buys TV and Superbowl ads etc. One can’t win with people online, so for someone whose anxiety amplifies everything, I’m done trying beyond having a personal account I use to talk to other authors, network and learn.

In terms of writing my greatest difficulty is finding any level of motivation, or writing anything other than action once I’m on a roll. I’m not writing any more books as Lia was meant to be my only release. Honestly even Lia wasn’t supposed to be released but my brain decided I needed a legacy before it came up with bullshit to justify three more suicide attempts. Though Lia is epic story wise and professionally produced, (seven years of work on my part before having it edited by a 28yr English Teacher for a total of 13 rounds between us, a cover by a pro artist, and for those that wonder $6750.00 so far to ensure Lia’s story is as professional as I can make it.) so I guess I got a legacy anyway, I only hope it’s positive for others too. Everything else I released was at least redundant and had other, not qualified editors. So, ultimately only Lia remains as it should be per my integrity.


7.You’re going to go back and visit yourself when you first started writing, at whatever age it was, and you can give yourself one piece of advice. What would it be?

Don’t go in hoping for financial success, or even for your work to be given a chance, people don’t stop sucking just because you have something you care for to offer the world now.


8.Let’s talk about tools. Do you have a word processor that you would tell us to use? Is there a certain computer that has become your favorite? What do you look for in a keyboard? What would you absolutely have to have if you were to sit down and write your next book?

I have a low-tier $500 Lenovo Windows tablet with a keyboard, that I use Portableapps and LibreOffice to write on. Though I’ve also used Google Docs to write on my phone. I hate tech so I’m not picky.


9.Describe your workplace.

Just my bedroom in my house, nothing to write about. Carpet, furniture, PS4, bed, window.


10.Describe your muse.

Don’t have one anymore, and what I had was a lie borne of mental illness. The closest I have to a muse, one to care for, is Lia. So, read her story for descriptions.


11.If you could live anywhere other than where you are, where would it be?

In ten years I’ll be in low-income housing as I’m on disability, but I suppose I’m supposed to be creative? In that case: A fully self-sustaining underground bunker with a budget to handle hiring others to make Lia famous online, and robots to do all the necessity stuff my family currently does that my body can’t do. Ideally it’d also be so well hidden no one could find or hurt me anymore.


12.Now that you have published your first book, do you have any dreams you have not reached? Goals for new books, series beyond this publication, or anything else that can tantalize the fantasy public?

I want Lia to become a bestseller on Amazon in U.S and Canada. I’m Canadian, and her twist true origins means it’d be special to attain either, but especially both. I also would love for her duology to be adapted into a movie series and anime.


13.If we reach beyond the written word into visual media, and you could choose how your story is consumed, would you want a television show, a movie series, or anime to tell the story of the book and the world it takes place in?

If I had to pick one: A movie series. If not, then also an anime adaptation.


Find Greg Ramsay online:

Lia on Amazon

Lia on Goodreads

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