The Friday 13 with Anna Stephens

Anna Stephens is the author of the Godblind trilogy, of which the first two volumes, Godblind and Darksoul, have now been published. The final book, Bloodchild, is slated for publication in summer 2019. Translation deals for French, German, Dutch, Polish and Czechoslovakian versions have also been agreed. A literature graduate from the Open University, Anna… Continue reading The Friday 13 with Anna Stephens

Lost Confessions: Living Room 4

I thought I knew a lot about ghosts. I thought there were some fuckin’ rules about it. Things like ghosts only haunt places that were important to them in life. But this guy (if he is a ghost) is not fuckin playing by the rules. I talked to him today. I saw him on the… Continue reading Lost Confessions: Living Room 4

The Friday 13 with Jeff Pryor

The forests of Northern Michigan were an ideal setting for Jeff Pryor’s childhood. He developed a love and respect of nature at an early age, before moving to the more populated metro Detroit area in his teens. Spending formative years in both urban and rural environments contributes strongly to his stories. Jeff began telling stories… Continue reading The Friday 13 with Jeff Pryor