Guardian’s War 17: ICU

“This is the poison in your system working its way out,” Steven said over the sound of my heaving. “This is all of the dark emotion and lies that have been fed to you working its way out. This is a good thing. Keep going.” I had started throwing up about ten minutes into our… Continue reading Guardian’s War 17: ICU

Guardian’s War 16: The Madness of the Outcast

Things are coming to a head now. The forces that warped my life in 2001, led up to Bekah’s and my break up, and brought us to the Battle of Normal Street are all coming together to explode on me and my soulmate at the same time. We could not be ready for it. We… Continue reading Guardian’s War 16: The Madness of the Outcast

Guardian’s War 15: Morgo Porgo

We took Katherine for obedience training. She gripped on to it well and began to draw a lot of pride from doing exactly what we asked her to as soon as we asked. I still had trouble walking her because she wanted to be out front. Wanted to be scouting ahead instead of staying right… Continue reading Guardian’s War 15: Morgo Porgo

Guardian’s War 14: White Rabbit

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. And the one that Mother gives you won’t do anything at all. It’s Jefferson Airplane’s biggest hit and Shadow has been listening to it on repeat for six hours. Every hour Guardian shows up to take Katherine outside, walk her around the yard and… Continue reading Guardian’s War 14: White Rabbit

Guardian’s War 13: A Lungful of Smoke

Not asleep. Not awake. It’s after two in the morning. Bekah is asleep, and I crawl out of bed unable to fall into a solid rest. I get to the living room and I let Katherine out of her crate and the two of us sit on the couch. I am petting her. I lay… Continue reading Guardian’s War 13: A Lungful of Smoke

Guardian’s War 12: Star

We came into town and went straight to Mumble and Horrid’s house. I sent Bekah in to check on the girls, and I went to Uncle Ball’s house next door. I knocked. I let myself in. Walked around the house for a while, calling out his name. This was not usually a time of day… Continue reading Guardian’s War 12: Star

Guardian’s War 11: Love in a Box

There is a thing that happens when fate comes to you. Often it is not what you expected, or even desired. When I went out to visit Mumble at work that day, and I was talking to him about how I was failing my classes, he interrupted me to say, “Do you want a dog?”… Continue reading Guardian’s War 11: Love in a Box

Guardian’s War 10: Roommate

On a visit to Rose’s house, she said she had a movie she really wanted me to watch. In fact, she called me that week and asked me to come down specifically to see this movie with her. She sat me down in front of the TV and she showed me a Charles Dutton movie.… Continue reading Guardian’s War 10: Roommate

Guardian’s War 9: The Journal

Few house-cleaning maintenance facts to throw out about the creation of this series. My wife has started to see things. Usually in dreams. She sees my alters. They are constructed of shadows and wisps of things, but they are there. Last night she dreamt of a figure following me around trying to “get” me. When… Continue reading Guardian’s War 9: The Journal

Guardian’s War 8: Packing Grasp

Five months after I made that call, I was at Mumble and Horrid’s house walking to the kitchen when I saw Star coming out of the bathroom, shielding her eyes from the door to her right. I saw this look of emotional turmoil and stopped her with a hug. “Okay, my dear sister, what is… Continue reading Guardian’s War 8: Packing Grasp