The Progenitor 13: Telling Less

My Message to Less.

I wanted to let you know as soon as I found out myself. So here it goes. I did a DNA test for reasons that are my own, and I didn’t get all the answers I was looking for. However, I can say without a doubt that I am not a genetic match to Char. Char is not my father biologically and never was.

From evidence I have been able to piece together, Rose cheated on Char with Bramble in an attempt to get something from him she couldn’t get from Char. I keep coming back to the undeniable proof I have that there is zero chance that I share any genetic material with Char. I, Jesse Teller, am not a member of Char’s family.

The thing I’m thinking about now is that for the last 21 years Rose has effectively been stealing $100 a month in child support payments from a man who was tricked into believing I was his son.

Less, you are my half-sister.

Less’s response.

Holy Hela on a pogo stick! Well when I learned about the curse on Char’s side I broke the curse. I effectively broke the curse. anyhow I don’t know if I got to tell you about what I found I don’t think I’m going to tell you unless you want to know. Hey years ago I was buying your books and giving them away people so I just want to let you know I’ve been supporting your art form like I support the local musicians here and I’ve been doing that for 14 years. It’s really interesting that you get a hold of me now because I’m making plans and carrying through a big move to the East Coast. As far as her siphoning the hundred dollars from whoever she siphoned it from I believe you because there was that time when I lived with her and you and I were speaking consistently and Rose was going to blackmail this married guy she was with and she accused me of throwing away evidence which I had asked her if she wanted me to throw the blurry photos away and she said yes and I did and then she came in.

And Rose accused me of trying to foil her plans. She told me what the plans were and next thing I know she was warned by me not to do that because it is a felony because it’s called blackmail.

I really have been doing a lot of soul searching when it comes to her and I have found out that I am nothing like her man there might be tidbits here and there but that’s because I had to be around the psychic vampire my whole life.

I’m not upset about that and I’m not upset that you might be Bramble’s kid or you are do you know his last name and have you gotten a hold of him yet?

I’m pretty sure Uncle Wrath probably knows where he is if you’re on speaking terms with him and outside that I think if you’re on speaking terms with Uncle Ball which you probably are he probably could find help you find Bramble.

A few years ago I had a frequency Ascension I’ve had the best time getting back to the person I am and finding some new stuff about myself that I really love.

Oh this guy got a hold of me a few months ago and asked me for some pictures of a band apparently I was the only person who shot for them which is kind of cool but I have venue passes to get into the bars I have to get into to shoot for anyone so now I don’t have to fork over money and I don’t have to remind them to put me on the guest list after my frequency Ascension I stopped drinking and drink anymore and I am completely off the lithium I am not bipolar but of course I have abandonment issues and you know why.

The abandonment issues are not really a problem I guess when I really thrive better when I’m single and I really am in my best element when I’m single.

The thing is is I may have found my twin flame and I could see how her and I could work together and I love her before I knew all this I had gone on a mission for Prime creator who is her God you guys call him God and it was to get her out of the emotional state I was in for 14 years before my frequency Ascension so I don’t know we’ll see what happens

Hey that tapestry that Becca gave me for Christmas the one she had in her college dorm room I made a weighted blanket out of it a few years ago and it’s it’s kind of getting torn up but it’s still really beautiful. And be amazing if I ever threw the thing away. Anyhow back to the Bramble thing if you are his kid which I believe that you believe so therefore it’s the truth I don’t care I know we had problems in the past and is really nice and convenient that you got a hold of me for this because I’ve been wanting to talk to you I almost went by your house one time with my caseworker from Burrel but it’s okay I’m not I’m not feeling anything wrong with you you’re not you’re not distance to me to me I accept you is basically what I’m trying to say I accept you regardless of anything okay and I am still super proud of you because you are an established author and I will still help you and post about your books and all that stuff I’m taking dictation I’m not even like typing this because I have A crap ton of stuff to do and I just got a hand surgery thankfully my best friend Donnie pick me up from the hospital when I was done with the surgery he really has been a blessing to me he’s an amazing guy and I am so happy for him and Sherry I feel encouraged every time I see him to keep my head up and still hope that one day I will find someone to love and they will love me back but I’m not sad about the ones in my past because there’s a reason why they’re my ex’s

But one day I will find my soulmate just like he did and him and Sherry they give me that hope

My Response.

My intention was never to reconnect with you. You’re poison. My intention was to tell you Rose lied to you and that I was never part of your sick, demented family. That I was always better than that. Rose stole from your father. She also treated you like shit and spewed poison into your life, all of your life. Rose bent and twisted you into the thing you are now instead of letting you grow up to be a bright and beautiful person. She’s the reason you’re full of hate. She’s the reason you live a dead end life. She’s a thief and she got away with it.

You’re not welcome on my property. Do not come by. Never try to see me. If you’re on my property I have the right to do to you whatever I want because Missouri has a Stand Your Ground Law. If you do show up at my house, the first thing I’ll do is release my Rottweiler on you. She’ll keep you busy while Bekah calls the police to have you arrested for trespassing. While my Rottweiler keeps you busy, I’ll come after you with my Bowie knife.

If you do manage by some miracle to get past me and my Rottweiler, you’ll have to get past my wife, trained in martial arts, and she’ll take you apart. If the miracles persist, and you manage past her, you’ll have to face my two teenage sons, both experienced martial artists.

There is nothing for you here except pain. Do not come looking for me. If you want to know all the reasons I hate you, and will not allow you in my life, the best advice I can give you is to read my autobiography that details all the ways you have been hateful and abusive all my life. I’m not gonna try to forgive you. To do so would be abusive to myself. My wife and my sons have been told all of it. Every time you attacked me, caused me real damage physically, every time you tried to steal friends from me, and hurt me while I tried to love you. My sons know all the stories and will never, under any circumstances, want to meet their Aunt Less. You are my half sister. All the bonds you thought we had, we never did.

Now, my advice to you is to take all the anger you’re feeling right now and all the rage coursing through your body, and direct it at the people who deserve it. Because I do not. All I wanted was to love you. All I wanted was to treat you like family. But Char and Rose turned you into something that is dangerous to love. The reason you are not in my life is because of them. The reason you do not have a loving half brother is because of them. I accept no blame. For decades I tried to be everything you wanted me to be. And all I got was pain for it.

Less’s Response.

This is so funny

You really think I give a shit what you think anymore

Your clown shoes to me so stop this you’re wasting your damn time 

My Response.

Now to recap, I was never Char’s son and I’m not like him. My house is dangerous for you to come to. You are unhealthy and will not be allowed near my children, who don’t want to know you anyway. The woman who hates you the most, Rose, has gotten away with stealing from your father for 21 years. You were never loving or supportive to me. The only reason you gave away my books was to show people you had a talented brother. It was for your own gains and never for me. I send you off with this and hope things play out well for you.

I’ve seen recent pictures of you. My advice to you is to get better at Photoshop.

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