The Progenitor 15: 23andMe

Let’s take a step back to the chapter I gave you called “Gondik and Barric.” Let’s look at the day Bekah asked me what the percentage chance was that I was Bramble’s kid.

I sat stunned for a while and we talked. All around it. All and every direction but the idea. My head was whirling and while I was thinking, I started considering those visits. Char having his way. Char beating and raping and laughing, about Alice Cooper and his Black Widow. And I could not move. Then I could not sit still. Then back on the couch, and I couldn’t move.

I asked The Queen of Cats more, and she told me about Thistle. She told me about his shooting of the Klan member running for president. I asked her about Uncle Sly. If anyone would have details for me, it was him. I got his full name as well as she remembered it, and then I started talking some more.

We had ordered groceries. This is still during the Covid 19 Pandemic, and we were staying out of stores as much as we could. The day before we had ordered enough groceries to get us through about a month and we had to go pick them up. I was in no shape to be in public or behind a wheel, so Bekah went.

“I am melting. My soul can’t breathe,” I texted her. She got back to me immediately.

“We are going to figure this out. No matter how long it takes or what we have to do, we will figure this out.”

When she got home, we looked for DNA tests and found Ancestry dot com. She sent for the kit and waited three days. It asked for saliva and I gave it the morning it arrived. We jumped in the car that very moment and drove it to the Post Office. Four more days and they had the sample. They started working it, and four weeks later they had it processed.

I was unsure what else they had to do to it, but they told us that working it would take about four weeks. At the end of four weeks, they told us the sample was contaminated and they sent us a new kit.

It had been nine weeks. Let’s look at what that was like.

The first night I was awake, I called Ty. Didn’t get him. I called him again. Nothing. I kept shifting, kept slipping into other alters and minds until I realized as the phone rang that I had called him seven times.

I heard his voice, and that night it was the sweetest sound I had ever heard. I burst into tears as I heard him yell out, “What’s wrong!” Ty knew I wouldn’t call seven times without some sort of emergency. “Are you okay? What is wrong?”

I could barely get out words through the sobs. “I’m not okay,” was all I could manage.

“What happened? Is everyone alright?”

“No one is hurt. But I am burning. I need you,” was all I could say. I heard it fire off over and over in my head as the roof ripped off and Smear Lord of Ire screamed at the sound of his best friend’s voice.

“I’m here. I’m right here. What happened?”

I started with First Tree. I told him about Gondik. I told him about the tomb and about Barric arriving after stomping through hell to get there, and then I hit him with it.

Ty has read all the volumes of Reality of the Unreal Mind and he knew who Bramble was. We talked and I wept and he kept telling me it was going to be okay. We talked for four hours, even though that meant almost no sleep for him, and when he hung up, he told me he loved me and he would see me through this. That I had a lot of people with me. Reach out for him if I needed him. Then he was gone.

I was halfway through a revision blast that was going to take me through two series and set me up for three years of releases. It took me two weeks before I was ready to work again. I began to see it all over the place at that point.

There is a part in the book Bladesport where Barric is having a vision of his homeland. It the Tundra and his progenitor, the original Ironspine warrior, is fighting the battle that gave him his name. Barric feels someone standing behind him and he starts to turn around before he hears what he knows to be his father’s voice.

“No, don’t turn away. Keep looking. Watch what we are and where we are from,” Gondik says in this vision.

“Can I turn around, father?” Barric is sobbing now and he just wants to look at his father’s face.

“No, my son, not yet,” Gondik says. “Now is not the time. Soon.”

Well the sample was contaminated. No, my son, not yet.

When we found out the new kit was in the mail, I kind of lost it. I drank heavily that night. I had been and have been drinking every night I am awake, which is about every other night. But that night was a big one. Whiskey, scotch. A bit of vodka. A lot of booze.

The next day we came up with a new plan. We would send to Ancestry for sure, but we also knew about a site called 23 and Me. They did DNA analysis as well, and we needed answers as soon as we could get them. We sent for the kit and both arrived on the same day. We sent them out with the Monday mail, and days went by.

It was about three weeks later when 23 and Me came back with results. They had over 1,500 names that I was related to. They had compared my DNA to the Neanderthal DNA that had been found and they had found the percentages of nationalities I had in me.

Let’s look at each of them separately.


I had a second cousin. She tied back to Rose’s side. I had a few other close relations that also tied to Rose’s side. I had a bunch I could not place anywhere and never came back to Bramble’s name, and I had about given up on that avenue when I got a message from a woman I will call Sojourner.

“Nice mess our ancestors left us with, huh?”

“Indeed. What do you know?”

She was a fourth cousin. Our tie went back as far as the 1800s. There was no information to be had about any of our ties. We got as far as Clark. She had information on a couple, but she had very few details. We started talking and I liked her almost immediately. We are friends now on Facebook and we talk often. I don’t know when, but I am going to meet her. We have a shocking amount in common.

A few people have sent me requests seeking to match up with me, but they always tie back to Rose’s side of the family. So when it comes to names, I have nothing of Bramble.

I did find Sojourner. I call it a win.


This part does not surprise me as much as you would think.

Turns out what happened is that a new species of man arose and I hear they went west. The larger and more savage Neanderthal went east. This is from what I heard with no research done, so if an expert knows better, please forgive. Before they left a few bred with the new species. Those genes still run through a large number of people.

I found out from 23 and Me that I possess more Neanderthal DNA than 91% of the population. They gave me a few interesting facts about what this would mean. What I would be like and a few things to trace back to those genetics. I thought it was kind of cool that it was all very accurate.

Color me shocked that I am 91% more savage than the rest of the population.


At first it just slipped past me. It was just a thing that I found out and it didn’t mean anything. I was focused on the names. Looking for the truth in family pedigree. I found the results of the nationality test to be surprising. It took me about three hours to figure out why.

The night Shush was created, I was on a trip with Char to White Creek, Wisconsin. It was a birthday trip and I was six. That was the night Shush was raped, and he remembers every moment of that trip.

We were in a red full-sized van. It had been worked so that the interior was customized with couches and a table that folded down to a bed. There was a fridge. There were curtains that covered the windshield when untied and buttoned.

We watched an episode of a show called Benson on a scratchy black and white TV before we shut off the lights. Then Shush.

Earlier that day we had gotten in a traffic jam outside of town. The lane next to us was moving faster and I asked why we didn’t move over there. Got backhanded in the face when he told me that is not how traffic jams work. You stay in your lane because if you don’t, then you just get caught up in a few seconds anyway.

Then I asked him if we had any Native American in us.

He answered very quickly, then changed the subject right away. “Yes.”

“What tribe?” I think I actually asked what kind, but we are going to go with tribe.

“Milwaukee. We have Milwaukee Indian in us. Now shut up. I am driving.” Then he showed me his new cup holders that were made to hold regular cups and coffee cups.

Well, when I asked Rose about it later, she said he was actually Cherokee. She said that his mother was full-blooded Cherokee.

I looked really hard at my grandmother on Char’s side next time I saw her, and I could tell immediately. She had dark rich skin and jet black hair. Her eyes were dark and she was so obviously not European. I figured out later that Char was embarrassed of his Native American heritage and instead told everyone about the German. But when I looked at Char, at his sister and brothers, it was very clear. They were all, except one, obviously dark skinned with black hair.

The final had fair skin and red hair. There was whisper everywhere that he was not my grandmother’s son, but no one is talking about that story, and frankly, I am not that interested. He looks nothing like any of them, and he was, to my knowledge, the only one of the family who was not abused by Char’s father. He was the only one who ever became successful, and the last time I saw him, he saw me push against Char’s personality and antics and actually looked proud of me.

When I looked at the results again, seeking the answers the names on my DNA test did not give me, I found out that I am one hundred percent Northern European. None of Char’s mother’s dark skin is in my blood. I am German and French mainly, with a bit of Welsh and some Irish.

When Tasey did her research on Bramble, she came back with information linking him to Welsh ancestry.

Not proof that I am Bramble’s son. I am waiting on results from Ancestry dot com for that. Their database is larger by far and they might have the answers I need. However we can say this using DNA evidence:

Jesse Teller is not related to Char.

Message to Char.

Did a DNA test. I am not your son. From what I can tell, I am the son of Bramble. I don’t know if you remember him. He was the badass, motorcycle-riding martial artist that Rose truly loved all her life.

I’m not a member of your demented family and I never was. I spit that legacy out of my mouth like the poison that it always has been.

When Rose went to another man to get from him what she wasn’t getting from you she began a 46-year long lie that you bought into. As far as I know she’s been bleeding $100 or more from you every month for the last 21 years. I really think that is hilarious because I was sent those papers. I was told that I could make you pay me the back child support but I am too good a person. I guess I have too much of my father in me, and I decided that I had never paid the bills for my childhood. Rose and Mumble had.

And so even though I was living on $75 a month I sent those child support forms to Rose. Now I am free of guilt from having any repercussions from you. You can’t take me to a civil suit to get your money back.

And all I had to do to free myself from blame was to be a good person. All I had to do to keep myself free of blame of stealing all that money from you was to be my father’s son.

See, I have figured something out in the writing of The Progenitor. Char is a monster, but it is Rose who is the arch villain of my life. Char abused me and tortured me. He raped me and tried to break me, but it was Rose who put me in his van every week. I never had to be with him at all. I could have been the son of a man who loved me.

If she had admitted to her affair, she could have had it all. She could have had Bramble. She would have never married the pedophile Mumble. She would have never given birth to the demon Grasp. Char would have been so afraid of Bramble’s wrath that he never would have even tried to get near me.

But Rose stole me from a loving father and she fed me to a violent pedophile. Then she stole from that pedophile. Money she knew she did not deserve. Her move when Uncle Wrath slapped those papers down in front of her was to throw them away. But she didn’t. Knowing that I was not his son, she took that money anyway.

I don’t know if it is a crime punishable with prison time. But I do know that Char can file a civil suit. He will ask for a paternity test. I will happily give him one.

By being an honorable man I sent an enemy after one of my other enemies and she has been beating on him for 21 years. Now I will turn him on her and let him beat on her to get back his money.

I want to feel bad about that. I want to feel pity for Rose and try to protect her from Char. But all I can see is a scratchy black and white TV being turned off, and Shush being born.

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