Jesse Teller

Welcome to my internet home! I’m dark fantasy author Jesse Teller. For more about my world, check out the Books and Maps sections of this site. I have a couple of other ongoing projects here, too. Teardrop Road includes stories from my life, formative experiences that made me the writer I am. I also interview authors in The Friday 13 feature.

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New release!
Legends of Eastgate now available on Amazon.



Eastgate is a city of exiles ruled by the last survivors of a royal clan. Though most residents have been banished from their mountain tribes, they are not without pride or might. In this companion collection to Legends of the Exiles, heroes will fall as the next generation rises. War brings the tribes together against a new enemy, and all hope for peace rests on hatred and guile.



Here is the chronological order of every story released so far. I’ll update it with every publication.

Act 1 Timeline-public-2020-01