The Progenitor 9: Gondik and Barric

Barric stood before his father’s statue and dropped to his knees. “I’m here,” he said. “This is where it all stops for me and where I come looking for my beginning. I look upon your face now and I see a might that I feel in my heart. A might that I always thought myself… Continue reading The Progenitor 9: Gondik and Barric

The Progenitor 8: The Coming of Jesse Teller

This is all a puzzle. This is myth and legend. This is a tale and another that when lined up together show a truth few knew and none wanted me to see. First, let’s hit a dark room lit only by an antique oil lamp, then we will go back 46 years to a series… Continue reading The Progenitor 8: The Coming of Jesse Teller

The Progenitor 7: The Seven

356 times I have written the words The Seven. Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when in February I finally understood them. If you draw a line, you can start in 2002 with the Dungeons and Dragons games I ran with Bekah, Siren, Lean, and Red. Take that line and continue through 2010, when I… Continue reading The Progenitor 7: The Seven

The Progenitor 6: The Jedi

He walked into Open Pantry one day after Rose had worked her way from cashier to assistant manager. He asked for an application, and she tossed one across to him, but she knew she wouldn’t hire him. He was dirty. Needed a shave with a dark stubble and a mustache dripping down the corners of… Continue reading The Progenitor 6: The Jedi

The Progenitor 5: Around the Table Part 1

It was a new dish I was trying out. Three chicken breasts, four cans of cream of chicken soup, potatoes cut into cubes, and rice. I covered it in cheese and baked it for about an hour all told. It was perfect, the rice a little overcooked, and we sat at the table to eat.… Continue reading The Progenitor 5: Around the Table Part 1

The Progenitor 4: Child Support

Got up off my chair in the apartment in South Towers and I answered the door. “Hi.” Siren tried to kiss me, but I was numb to everything and walked back to my chair. “Been a day. Gotta jump in the shower, if that is okay?” But she was already taking off her shirt when… Continue reading The Progenitor 4: Child Support

The Progenitor 3: Pool Cue

I’m four. Eating a Zinger. Those are the ones with the hard chocolate frosting with the ridges. It has cream in it, and I am about done and wondering how I am going to talk my grandma into giving me another pack. She works at a thrift bakery store selling day-old bread and Hostess cakes.… Continue reading The Progenitor 3: Pool Cue

The Progenitor 2: Char’s Legacy

It started at about eight that night. I had been reading to occupy my mind. I would guess Guardian. Maybe Shadow. I was sixteen, laying in a bed in Milwaukee in my aunt’s house in the attic where mice used to terrorize me, when the first pang of pain hit me. It felt like the… Continue reading The Progenitor 2: Char’s Legacy

The Progenitor 1: Teaching Me How To Fight

You know they called the Son of Sam the .44 Caliber Killer until he was caught and they saw what he really was. You know there is this part in the movie Gangs of New York, directed by Martin Scorsese, where the leader of the Dead Rabbits is walking Monk’s body down the street, and… Continue reading The Progenitor 1: Teaching Me How To Fight