The Progenitor 18: Around the Table Part 3

Two pounds of ground beef and one big bowl. Dice three peppers. I usually go for one yellow, one red, and one orange. Take a sleeve of saltines, throw them in a cookie sheet and crush them to dust with a kitchen mallet. Don’t be a savage and pound on them. Grip the head and… Continue reading The Progenitor 18: Around the Table Part 3

The Progenitor 15: 23andMe

Let’s take a step back to the chapter I gave you called “Gondik and Barric.” Let’s look at the day Bekah asked me what the percentage chance was that I was Bramble’s kid. I sat stunned for a while and we talked. All around it. All and every direction but the idea. My head was… Continue reading The Progenitor 15: 23andMe