Jesse Teller

Welcome to my internet home! I’m dark fantasy author Jesse Teller. For more about my world, check out the Books and Maps sections of this site. I have a couple of other ongoing projects here, too. Teardrop Road includes stories from my life, formative experiences that made me the writer I am. I also interview authors in The Friday 13 feature.

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New Release!

Bladesport (Nation of Five, Book Two)
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Peter had a simple plan that saw him and all his men, his warriors, in a gladiator prison in an attempt to free the allies within. But he could never plan for the hate of an enemy who steals one of his men away. This new world of slavery is nothing he could have prepared for. As rivals come at him from every direction, Peter Redfist must gather what champions he can and make one final play for freedom.

Here is the chronological order of every story released so far. I’ll update it with every publication.

Act 1 Timeline-public-2023