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Welcome to my internet home! I’m dark fantasy author Jesse Teller. For more about my world, check out the Books and Maps sections of this site. I have a couple of other ongoing projects here, too. Teardrop Road includes stories from my life, formative experiences that made me the writer I am. I also interview authors in The Friday 13 feature.

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New release!
Legends of the Exiles

The isolated barbarians of Neather have deep ancestry and strict traditions. Four resilient women defy tribal customs as they fight to overcome their own tragedies. Abuse. Addiction. Assault. Grief. What struggles can they endure to defend their hopes and their hearts?

Helena seeks a love as bold as she, yet finds the men of her village lacking.

Jocelyn fears her strange visions and sacrifices a life with the man she loves for the one her destiny demands.

Torn apart by abuse and grief, Ellen is a brilliant woman who must focus her intellect on finding reasons to persevere.

Rachel, a brash girl of noble heritage, dares all men to challenge her and longs for one who will.

In this set of four interwoven novellas, award-winning author Jesse Teller challenges assumptions and showcases the strength of feminine resolve.

Legends of the Exiles is available on Amazon.

The Goats of Breastion

Breastion Flurryfist loved goats. As chief of his mighty tribe, he decreed no one harm a single hair on these precious creatures. When he died, his wife slaughtered and fed his goats to the tribe at his funeral feast. The men began a song that lives in infamy on the mountains of Neather. So grab a mug and toast to the fallen Flurryfist chief, with the ballad of the Goats of Breastion!

The Goats of Breastion is available on Amazon.

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Here is the chronological order of every story released so far. I’ll update it with every publication.

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