Creativity Coach

My hope is to, with guidance and compassion, help you grow into your writing process and improve your productivity.

I provide:

• Tactics to overcome writer’s block

• Direction in creating a personalized process of writing unique to you

• Inspiration and encouragement as the book begins to take form

I led two weekly writers groups for seven years and learned methods of keeping sessions productive and focused. I have critiqued and workshopped fantasy, horror, nonfiction, memoirs, self-help, and poetry. With the skills these diverse writing forms have taught me, I can apply guidance to any genre my clients want to work in.

I can teach you the laws of writing as well as the perfect ways to break them, because I believe when it comes to creativity there are no hard, fast rules. And when it comes to the written word, miracles can be made in many different ways.

I was in therapy for nineteen years, during which I studied human behavior (male, female, and child), and explored the development of characters, the way people learn, evolve, and find purpose. My time in therapy also gave me the language with which to guide writers around common pitfalls that get in their way, and help them achieve goals with careful planning, direction, and inspiration. My belief is that the story is locked within the writer and just needs to be drawn out and onto the page. I do not believe in handing ideas down to the people I work with, but helping them develop the tools to pull out their own creativity.

I’ve personally written 35 books, 32 speculative fiction and three nonfiction memoirs. In completion of these works, I have brought six series to satisfying conclusion and can help clients finish a story that may seem intimidating in size or in some way unattainable. I write in a world of my own creation and have learned many tricks to world building and approaches to fleshing out a unique setting, complete with histories, races, fauna, flora, and everything else that a story needs to feel rich and full.

In my time as a writer I have thus far written 6.1 million words. I am a master of self-motivation and seeing a project through to its end while keeping an eye on the possibility of the next one. These are skills I can teach you.

The services I offer involve a one-hour zoom meeting so that we may speak face-to-face about problematic issues. In order to do this, I request a form filled out explaining the direction you wish the session to go and what you find yourself struggling with. If workshopping a scene is necessary, you can submit up to 10 pages so I can provide guidance. My hours are very flexible and there are a variety of times to choose from. I’m confident I can work around anyone’s schedule.

Whether you require one session to clear your head and refocus, or many sessions to overcome the difficulties that plague you, my aim is to find the writer within you that you have always dreamt of becoming. If you’d like, I will record the zoom meeting and send you the video so that you are free to experience the session without needing to take notes.

I hope to work with you soon. Together we can find the story you were born to tell.

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