All my books are set in an original world of my creation. Click below for more details on my standalone novels or series.

Standalone Novels

The Manhunters Trilogy

Awesome people saying awesome things:

Jesse Teller is a talented author with the future in his hands.” —Petros,

“Fantasy that comes alive, with no holds barred, from start to finish. Mr. Teller’s storytelling is bold, his characters are fierce and his plot is a fascinating twist of scenes and events that are spellbinding.” —Tome Tender Book Blog

“A ton of action and fighting scenes. On top of that, the world building was so ‘otherworldly’ even when not much was going on, it was still interesting because it’s so different from our own world.” —The Weatherwax Report

Teller’s world is stunning in its complexity.” —M. L. Spencer, Bestselling Author of The Rhenwars Saga

“One of Teller’s greatest skills is relationships. Not romantic quest love relationships, but bonds between people and spirits. These bonds draw the readers in sometimes more than the story lines do because they are so powerful and relatable.” —Literary Titan

“Teller is a skilled storyteller, with some outstanding worldbuilding. This is a fully realized world that we’re dropped into, with interesting mythology, demons and magic that doesn’t need to explain itself to us – indeed, the mystery makes it more alluring.” —Tome and Tankard