Rise of the Storyteller 5: Punchy

A battered little girl. A panda bear. A set of fists. And a skeptical therapist. We have a lot to do in this chapter so let’s get started. One night I said something to my mother and step dad. Something like I didn’t want to go back to visit Char. Something ominous and haunting before… Continue reading Rise of the Storyteller 5: Punchy

The Progenitor 17: Rose’s Legacy

When she was a little girl, Rose was cherished by her father. Things started going south as she developed into a young lady. She was pure. She was sweet. But the fear of all fathers of little girls is the end of their girl’s purity, and he began to see shadows and ghosts of whores… Continue reading The Progenitor 17: Rose’s Legacy

The Progenitor 16: Slade

’97 was a hell of a year. In 1997, the Droogs were formed. It was about April I think. Things are fuzzy about the formation, but it was around that time. In 1997, I started dating Bekah. The hell that followed us after that was immortalized in the book Normal Street, I think you have… Continue reading The Progenitor 16: Slade