Hollow Man 2: Bold Boy

I released Teardrop Road on June 23, 2021. I think it was a Thursday. It was pretty devastating to put it out in the world on the big stage. Having your secrets on a blog is one thing. The worldwide stage opens up doubts and fears that I expected but could never prepare myself for.… Continue reading Hollow Man 2: Bold Boy

Rise of the Storyteller 13: X

Science, and I am trying to remember the wording of the lecture I had heard two days before. See, I had learned with Mr. Liechin how to memorize so I didn’t have to do the homework. I never, not once, did a single stitch of homework in Slinger. I just took tests. I read books… Continue reading Rise of the Storyteller 13: X

The Progenitor 1: Teaching Me How To Fight

You know they called the Son of Sam the .44 Caliber Killer until he was caught and they saw what he really was. You know there is this part in the movie Gangs of New York, directed by Martin Scorsese, where the leader of the Dead Rabbits is walking Monk’s body down the street, and… Continue reading The Progenitor 1: Teaching Me How To Fight

The New Girl 18: Future Part 3

On stunned legs I wobbled up to the front of the class. I didn’t trust my voice, but to my professor I said with a croak, “You meant upper classmen, right?” He turned to me with a broad smile. He was a powerful, if not rotund, man with a full head of salt and pepper… Continue reading The New Girl 18: Future Part 3

The New Girl 8: Milwaukee Part 2

Bekah’s body was soft. I could feel the warmth of the room and the dancing all radiating off her in a way that made me feel safe and loved. As I held her, and we swayed to the music of the anniversary party, I realized I had never loved anyone or anything as much as… Continue reading The New Girl 8: Milwaukee Part 2

Guardian’s War 7: Clean

I was standing outside my house on Normal Street, waiting in the cold of an autumn night after a rain. The roads were still slick and hissing with the passing of cars when Clean pulled up in his Impala. He had called. Told me he needed a friend. When I got in the passenger side… Continue reading Guardian’s War 7: Clean