Aftermath Guardian’s War 11: The Call

When Mumble and Horrid moved to Springfield, I used to go to their house about once a week. On the way to their house was a structure of madness. The drive took you through a few bad neighborhoods and through one, not so bad, where a collection of big old houses lined up proud and… Continue reading Aftermath Guardian’s War 11: The Call

Aftermath New Girl 15: Giving Them Away

I guess I have to back up to when Mumble and Rose divorced before I can really give them away to their new spouses. Let’s start with Mumble and get Horrid out of the way. Rose and Honed is a little easier to swallow. First the shit. Mumble wanted to run something past me, and… Continue reading Aftermath New Girl 15: Giving Them Away

Guardian’s War 14: White Rabbit

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. And the one that Mother gives you won’t do anything at all. It’s Jefferson Airplane’s biggest hit and Shadow has been listening to it on repeat for six hours. Every hour Guardian shows up to take Katherine outside, walk her around the yard and… Continue reading Guardian’s War 14: White Rabbit

Guardian’s War 12: Star

We came into town and went straight to Mumble and Horrid’s house. I sent Bekah in to check on the girls, and I went to Uncle Ball’s house next door. I knocked. I let myself in. Walked around the house for a while, calling out his name. This was not usually a time of day… Continue reading Guardian’s War 12: Star

Guardian’s War 8: Packing Grasp

Five months after I made that call, I was at Mumble and Horrid’s house walking to the kitchen when I saw Star coming out of the bathroom, shielding her eyes from the door to her right. I saw this look of emotional turmoil and stopped her with a hug. “Okay, my dear sister, what is… Continue reading Guardian’s War 8: Packing Grasp

Guardian’s War 6: The Rosy

Bekah woke me up with a smile and a laugh. I think she had food for me. She might have been returning something to me. I don’t remember why she came by. If I asked her right now, if I turned to the right in my chair and looked across the office to the chair… Continue reading Guardian’s War 6: The Rosy