Aftermath New Girl 16 / Guardian’s War 1: Denver

That Christmas we went to her parents’ house in Virginia. Her mother greeted me at the door and pulled me into a tight embrace. Said it was good to see me. Beckoned me to come inside, where I found Bliss, who ran to me and gave me a great big hug. She said how she… Continue reading Aftermath New Girl 16 / Guardian’s War 1: Denver

Aftermath New Girl 11: Johnson

Now I’m living with Sapphire. We have broken up and we are still sleeping in the same bed. It’s my bed. She doesn’t have one and we are just simmering in a hellish pattern of trying to ignore each other and fighting to get out of our situation. It is the beginning of the fall… Continue reading Aftermath New Girl 11: Johnson

Guardian’s War 22: Throwing it All Away, Part 2

“Come on, we are going,” Job said. He shook my foot and I looked up at him. It was morning. I was never awake in the morning. I wanted to tell him to fuck off and then go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. This was his house. I was his guest. I had no… Continue reading Guardian’s War 22: Throwing it All Away, Part 2

Guardian’s War 14: White Rabbit

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. And the one that Mother gives you won’t do anything at all. It’s Jefferson Airplane’s biggest hit and Shadow has been listening to it on repeat for six hours. Every hour Guardian shows up to take Katherine outside, walk her around the yard and… Continue reading Guardian’s War 14: White Rabbit

Guardian’s War 10: Roommate

On a visit to Rose’s house, she said she had a movie she really wanted me to watch. In fact, she called me that week and asked me to come down specifically to see this movie with her. She sat me down in front of the TV and she showed me a Charles Dutton movie.… Continue reading Guardian’s War 10: Roommate

Guardian’s War 9: The Journal

Few house-cleaning maintenance facts to throw out about the creation of this series. My wife has started to see things. Usually in dreams. She sees my alters. They are constructed of shadows and wisps of things, but they are there. Last night she dreamt of a figure following me around trying to “get” me. When… Continue reading Guardian’s War 9: The Journal

Guardian’s War 8: Packing Grasp

Five months after I made that call, I was at Mumble and Horrid’s house walking to the kitchen when I saw Star coming out of the bathroom, shielding her eyes from the door to her right. I saw this look of emotional turmoil and stopped her with a hug. “Okay, my dear sister, what is… Continue reading Guardian’s War 8: Packing Grasp

Guardian’s War 6: The Rosy

Bekah woke me up with a smile and a laugh. I think she had food for me. She might have been returning something to me. I don’t remember why she came by. If I asked her right now, if I turned to the right in my chair and looked across the office to the chair… Continue reading Guardian’s War 6: The Rosy

Guardian’s War 5: Restless Impotence

I slept for two hours that night and thirty minutes the night before. I woke up out of a haze in class and realized I had sat halfway through the class after mine, and it would be a rush to get to therapy on time. I jumped to my feet, while the teacher was teaching… Continue reading Guardian’s War 5: Restless Impotence

Guardian’s War 4: A Meeting with Rose

It was the phone again, and this time it was Uncle Ball. “Well, they have found medical evidence.” He sounded broken. “We know for sure now that it has happened. No one was lying. I’m just so pissed at your mother.” “Medical evidence?” “Yeah, they did an examination.” “Why are you pissed at Rose?” I… Continue reading Guardian’s War 4: A Meeting with Rose