The New Girl 2: Come Home Soon

She had stayed until everyone left and I was walking Bekah to her car. It was the first day we were together, and she was going to her parents where she was staying for the summer. “Don’t go,” I said. “You belong here. With me.” I kissed her. It didn’t take more than that to… Continue reading The New Girl 2: Come Home Soon

The New Girl 1: The New Girl

Soulmates are a funny thing. You end up finding your soulmate, and in every case I’ve ever heard, there’s a great battle of some kind. A test that you must go through in order to see how much you’re willing to fight, how far you’re willing to push yourself to keep ahold of the one… Continue reading The New Girl 1: The New Girl

Guardian’s War 11: Love in a Box

There is a thing that happens when fate comes to you. Often it is not what you expected, or even desired. When I went out to visit Mumble at work that day, and I was talking to him about how I was failing my classes, he interrupted me to say, “Do you want a dog?”… Continue reading Guardian’s War 11: Love in a Box

Guardian’s War 1: Denver

That Christmas we went to her parents’ house in Virginia. Her mother greeted me at the door and pulled me into a tight embrace. Said it was good to see me. Beckoned me to come inside, where I found Bliss, who ran to me and gave me a great big hug. She said how she… Continue reading Guardian’s War 1: Denver

Old Settlers Days

It’s my birthday! As my birthday is progressing, I have decided I’m going to talk about that which is my favorite to talk about. I’m gonna tell you all about the love of my life. This is a section of my autobiography. It is the third volume, and the thirteenth book of the autobiography titled Reality… Continue reading Old Settlers Days