The Progenitor 18: Around the Table Part 3

Two pounds of ground beef and one big bowl. Dice three peppers. I usually go for one yellow, one red, and one orange. Take a sleeve of saltines, throw them in a cookie sheet and crush them to dust with a kitchen mallet. Don’t be a savage and pound on them. Grip the head and… Continue reading The Progenitor 18: Around the Table Part 3

The Progenitor 17: Rose’s Legacy

When she was a little girl, Rose was cherished by her father. Things started going south as she developed into a young lady. She was pure. She was sweet. But the fear of all fathers of little girls is the end of their girl’s purity, and he began to see shadows and ghosts of whores… Continue reading The Progenitor 17: Rose’s Legacy

The Progenitor 16: Slade

’97 was a hell of a year. In 1997, the Droogs were formed. It was about April I think. Things are fuzzy about the formation, but it was around that time. In 1997, I started dating Bekah. The hell that followed us after that was immortalized in the book Normal Street, I think you have… Continue reading The Progenitor 16: Slade

The Progenitor 15: 23andMe

Let’s take a step back to the chapter I gave you called “Gondik and Barric.” Let’s look at the day Bekah asked me what the percentage chance was that I was Bramble’s kid. I sat stunned for a while and we talked. All around it. All and every direction but the idea. My head was… Continue reading The Progenitor 15: 23andMe

The Progenitor 14: In a Name

It started with Mumble Daddy, I think. Rose married Mumble, and within two years she had us calling him Mumble Daddy. “He is your real dad. Char doesn’t even pay child support. He doesn’t even come pick you up but two times a month. He is not a real dad. The one who takes care… Continue reading The Progenitor 14: In a Name

The Progenitor 11: Around the Table Part 2

It was Stonefist Stew, a recipe I created for a book called Legends of the Exiles. Get a can of five different kinds of beans: black beans, navy beans, pinto beans, red kidney beans, and pork and beans. I like to throw an extra can of pinto in for good measure. Chop and stir in… Continue reading The Progenitor 11: Around the Table Part 2

The Progenitor 10: The Motorcycle and the Soulmate

I don’t ride. Always wanted to. Got started too late. When I was working with D in Richland, the plan was for us to get bikes. He was all about the Crotch Rocket. Wanted the speed and the sleek. I was all about the Hog. He called me a fossil, said the girls would like… Continue reading The Progenitor 10: The Motorcycle and the Soulmate