The New Girl 18: Future Part 3

On stunned legs I wobbled up to the front of the class. I didn’t trust my voice, but to my professor I said with a croak, “You meant upper classmen, right?” He turned to me with a broad smile. He was a powerful, if not rotund, man with a full head of salt and pepper… Continue reading The New Girl 18: Future Part 3

Haunted by the Nameless Boy

It’s all in the name. One name can propel a story for me. One fantastic name can make or break it all. I have gotten lucky and created a few great names. Saykobar Hesh, Volacha Brinchay, Kolaster Vagan, Tobin the Treefrog, Rayph Ivoryfist—all these names crafted the character for me. They all brought that character… Continue reading Haunted by the Nameless Boy