Rise of the Storyteller 5: Punchy

A battered little girl. A panda bear. A set of fists. And a skeptical therapist. We have a lot to do in this chapter so let’s get started. One night I said something to my mother and step dad. Something like I didn’t want to go back to visit Char. Something ominous and haunting before… Continue reading Rise of the Storyteller 5: Punchy

The Progenitor 16: Slade

’97 was a hell of a year. In 1997, the Droogs were formed. It was about April I think. Things are fuzzy about the formation, but it was around that time. In 1997, I started dating Bekah. The hell that followed us after that was immortalized in the book Normal Street, I think you have… Continue reading The Progenitor 16: Slade