The Progenitor 10: The Motorcycle and the Soulmate

I don’t ride. Always wanted to. Got started too late. When I was working with D in Richland, the plan was for us to get bikes. He was all about the Crotch Rocket. Wanted the speed and the sleek. I was all about the Hog. He called me a fossil, said the girls would like… Continue reading The Progenitor 10: The Motorcycle and the Soulmate

The Progenitor 6: The Jedi

He walked into Open Pantry one day after Rose had worked her way from cashier to assistant manager. He asked for an application, and she tossed one across to him, but she knew she wouldn’t hire him. He was dirty. Needed a shave with a dark stubble and a mustache dripping down the corners of… Continue reading The Progenitor 6: The Jedi

The Progenitor 4: Child Support

Got up off my chair in the apartment in South Towers and I answered the door. “Hi.” Siren tried to kiss me, but I was numb to everything and walked back to my chair. “Been a day. Gotta jump in the shower, if that is okay?” But she was already taking off her shirt when… Continue reading The Progenitor 4: Child Support