Rise of the Storyteller 13: X

Science, and I am trying to remember the wording of the lecture I had heard two days before. See, I had learned with Mr. Liechin how to memorize so I didn’t have to do the homework. I never, not once, did a single stitch of homework in Slinger. I just took tests. I read books… Continue reading Rise of the Storyteller 13: X

Guardian’s War 7: Clean

I was standing outside my house on Normal Street, waiting in the cold of an autumn night after a rain. The roads were still slick and hissing with the passing of cars when Clean pulled up in his Impala. He had called. Told me he needed a friend. When I got in the passenger side… Continue reading Guardian’s War 7: Clean

The Heart of the Shadow

Guardian opened the door for her. He walked to the booth when led there, and he waited while she sat, before taking his seat across from her and smiling. Regina was taking him out to eat again. She did it often. All her money was spent entertaining us. Dinners, movies, all sorts of things were… Continue reading The Heart of the Shadow