The Madness Wars


In October 2019, I released the first book in a new series, The Madness Wars. I have been working on it for eight years. This series is huge, a sweeping five-book epic about a war fought between a military state, bent on domination and destruction, and a nation steeped in history and lore.

If you’re the kind of reader who likes to know all the relevant character backgrounds, I recommend reading Chaste, Mestlven, Legends of Perilisc, and the story “The Land of Rott and Cur” from Blackest Knights. If you have no prior experience with my world, you can start with The Madness Wars. This series was created to stand on its own.

The entire epic series is written and will be released one book every six months until the final installment on April 15, 2021. Here’s how each book is progressing:


Onslaught of Madness (Book One) now available on Amazon.

The Drine war machine needs to be constantly fed and has turned its sights on Tienne. Warlord Rextur devoted his life to planning this invasion, so how did he lose the element of surprise? And who is this emerging rival Peter Redfist? He can’t be much of a problem. The god of destruction has long favored Rextur. His faith is strong and his legions mighty. Who could withstand their onslaught?

Crisis of Fate (Companion Novel) now available on Amazon.


To save her sanity she must give up her soul.

With rare exception, Raendel took everything she ever wanted. Now her vicious thieves guild is festering around her. Through paranoia and insomnia, her grip on reality crumbles, and a crisis leads her to a desperate choice—face retribution or serve a creation of pure evil.

Wrath of Madness (Book Two) now available on Amazon.


The militant forces of Drine march across Tienne, destroying and enslaving all they face. As the last few nobles struggle to organize a resistance, a rich network of merchants declares themselves rulers of Tienne. Warlord Rextur finally catches up with Peter Redfist and his refugee forces to clash in devastating battle. Who will be left to pick up the pieces? Does the ancient nation of Tienne have any hope of survival?

Plight of Madness (Book Three)
Now available on Amazon!

The Drine legions achieve their greatest victory since launching the war, and Tienne seems out of heroes. Simon Bard has fled, the ancient Despelora is missing, and Peter Redfist’s men have scattered. Just when it looks like Rextur will win this war, rumor of an old legend surfaces. Tienne has protectors who should be long-dead. The Sons of Despelora have risen, and the Madness of Drine is not prepared.

Fate of Madness (Book Four)


Releases April 15, 2021
Current page count: 804
First Draft: Done
First Round Rewrites: Done
First Round Editor: Done
Second Round Rewrites: Done
Second Round Editor: In progress
Proofreading: Pending
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