The Coming of Normal Street

I am here today with bated breath. Maybe gasping breath. Is nervous breath a thing? Well, some sort of breath to reveal the cover for my upcoming release.

Here it is, the front and back cover for Reality of the Unreal Mind Vol. 2: Normal Street. Bekah and I actually live in the same town as the street itself so we went back to our old neighborhood and took the picture of the actual block. The car on the back is a image of the car I drove at the time coming out of the back alley behind our old house. And there are so many other really exciting things happening on this cover that I wish I could gush about but they all involve spoilers, so I will just mumble them under my breath.

Hold please.

There. I muttered all the secret things the cover has to offer and you did not have to experience any spoilers.

We are both happy!

Here it is!

Living with multiple personalities can be painful and confusing, falling in love even moreso. In this epic follow up to Teardrop Road, Teller pulls us through the heartaches of his life. In triumph and tragedy, the darkest betrayals of his past unfold. And within the wreckage patiently looms the rise of the Tellers.

Coming at you really soon. I’ll get the pre-order up as soon as I can. In the meantime, check out Vol 1: Teardrop Road, currently available on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “The Coming of Normal Street

    1. I had postcards made of the two books side by side on a dark gray background. I’m gonna send them out to all of my family as a warning, “Hell is coming. Those of you that can celebrate the telling of my story, grab a glass, lift it high. Those of you that can’t, hide.”

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