Lost Confessions: Living Room 3

Alright, I am almost positive the guy’s name is Patron. I talked to my landlord again today, this time with Marigold herself. She said there were a lot of mixed signs. One guy (Tony) had dark hair ’til the day he died. One guy (her father, Patron) would be wearing a suit and might be… Continue reading Lost Confessions: Living Room 3

The Friday 13 with Shawn D. Robertson

Shawn D. Robertson was born a Massachusetts (U.S.) native, and the New England weather and culture would forever influence his life and his writing. In fifth grade he got to write his first original piece of creative writing, as an assignment from a substitute teacher. Turns out the piece was pretty good, and the teacher… Continue reading The Friday 13 with Shawn D. Robertson

Building a Style

I had not done my homework, and my voice and my style were suffering. I went to a workshop aspiring writers called Break Out Novel Intensive put on by a genius named Donald Maass. Donald is an agent in New York with an impressive client list as well as an author himself who writes under… Continue reading Building a Style