The Horn

Twenty-one hours and counting. It’ll be 30 by the time I get to sleep tonight. I do this quite often. We call it “going around the horn.” My normal sleep schedule is from five in the morning to two in the afternoon. It provides me with quiet, isolation, darkness for when I’m writing. These things… Continue reading The Horn

Lost Confessions: The Workshop

This is an awesome story! Have you everĀ  known beyond your smallest doubt that you were exactly where you were meant to be, or doing the thing you were supposed to be doing? That is the story I am going to tell you now. I wrote a book. It is a decent book but it… Continue reading Lost Confessions: The Workshop

Building a Style

I had not done my homework, and my voice and my style were suffering. I went to a workshop aspiring writers called Break Out Novel Intensive put on by a genius named Donald Maass. Donald is an agent in New York with an impressive client list as well as an author himself who writes under… Continue reading Building a Style