Aftermath Guardian’s War 3: Conductor

In the summer of 2001, the game changed forever. A bridge was created that changed it all. I will preface this by saying that it is amazing what the human mind can do, and by saying that this is all true. Some of the experts who know this disorder will dispute this as impossible, but… Continue reading Aftermath Guardian’s War 3: Conductor

Aftermath Guardian’s War 2: Urgent

I lived with Job in the apartment he shared with Anton for about a month before they moved into the Pink House. They were both friends of mine from Kentwood dorm. They had both allowed themselves to fail out. When you have minds as sharp and dangerous as Job and Anton, the only way you… Continue reading Aftermath Guardian’s War 2: Urgent

Aftermath New Girl 9: Legends

Angel and I didn’t survive Christmas Break. She didn’t kick me out when we broke up, but I was no longer being watched. I was much of the time trapped at her house. When Bekah showed up to pick me up one day, I was… well, I was at home. I can’t tell you what… Continue reading Aftermath New Girl 9: Legends

Aftermath New Girl 6: Coward

Here, let me try to describe what it was like to live in Kentwood the year after that summer. Let’s start by saying, this was not my first choice of dorms. I wanted Wells again. Well, I was supposed to want Wells again. It is where Sapphire and I had gotten together, and we put… Continue reading Aftermath New Girl 6: Coward

Guardian’s War 22: Throwing it All Away, Part 2

“Come on, we are going,” Job said. He shook my foot and I looked up at him. It was morning. I was never awake in the morning. I wanted to tell him to fuck off and then go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. This was his house. I was his guest. I had no… Continue reading Guardian’s War 22: Throwing it All Away, Part 2

Guardian’s War 20: The Mob

New things were put into place. I was never to be left alone again. While Bekah was asleep, I was with Job and Anton. When I was at school that was fine, but after school, I would go to the Art Department and wait in Bekah’s labs. She was an art student so she had… Continue reading Guardian’s War 20: The Mob

Guardian’s War 17: ICU

“This is the poison in your system working its way out,” Steven said over the sound of my heaving. “This is all of the dark emotion and lies that have been fed to you working its way out. This is a good thing. Keep going.” I had started throwing up about ten minutes into our… Continue reading Guardian’s War 17: ICU

Guardian’s War 13: A Lungful of Smoke

Not asleep. Not awake. It’s after two in the morning. Bekah is asleep, and I crawl out of bed unable to fall into a solid rest. I get to the living room and I let Katherine out of her crate and the two of us sit on the couch. I am petting her. I lay… Continue reading Guardian’s War 13: A Lungful of Smoke