The Round Table 19: Wrath

Friday was release day for a book I wrote called Beacon, book one of the Nation of Five series. The book is about young men and an impossible task they set before themselves. Well, I know a lot about impossible tasks. I’m a DID survivor who suffers from hallucinations. I have bipolar and Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder. Getting… Continue reading The Round Table 19: Wrath

In the Name of the Father 23: Shade

Naked and burning in the sun, Pain walks out into the desert and lets the sand burn his feet. He lets the rage burn his heart and wonders why he should be here. So many terrible things happened on God’s watch. How can he even start to think about working it all out? When the… Continue reading In the Name of the Father 23: Shade

Hollow Man 19: Lioness

I released Teardrop Road on June 23, 2021. I think it was a Thursday. It was pretty devastating to put it out in the world on the big stage. Having your secrets on a blog is one thing. The worldwide stage opens up doubts and fears that I expected but could never prepare myself for. However, this… Continue reading Hollow Man 19: Lioness