Rise of the Tellers 20: Christmas 2019

I guess it was about four months ago. I’m thinking now that it might have been five. Not six. I had stayed up Around the Horn. Quite like I am doing today. This means that I did not sleep last night at all and I will not go to bed until midnight. It is usually… Continue reading Rise of the Tellers 20: Christmas 2019

Rise of the Tellers 19: The Coming of Adam

Hello my name is Tier-ti na-mun. I was asked by my master to come and try to explain to you what happened in 2011 that made everything possible. I am here then to tell you about the coming of Adam. I am here to tell you about how the mind was gathered and mastered. For… Continue reading Rise of the Tellers 19: The Coming of Adam

Aftermath New Girl 1: War

Here we are again. Another blog blast. The last one was Hollow Man. Told the story of my ex-girlfriends and the impact they had on me. What they turned me into and what I learned from them. But awhile ago, I did a series of blogs called The New Girl. Months ago now, I think,… Continue reading Aftermath New Girl 1: War

The Zombie Queen

At Kimberling book fair when The Gunslinger stood me up and Sunshine came out of nowhere, I met the Zombie Queen and nothing was ever the same. She bought my Manhunters series. I bought her Zombie Club series. And this is what I got. She is a local writer. Not to say she isn’t international… Continue reading The Zombie Queen

The Genius

It started with a dead wasp. Prince was ten minutes old when he walked into The Genius’s hotel room, rolled up his pages and killed her intruder. They sat down and she pulled out his pages. “I have been looking forward to you,” she said. “This is some of the greatest world building I have… Continue reading The Genius

The Crystal Pistol

“You’re here for the workshop, right?” Prince said. She was a cute mom of a woman and she looked up at him and smiled. “I am.” “Then tell me about your book.” Her face lit up. “Well, I am really nervous. The agent has been ripping everyone apart.” “He is pretty brutal but that is… Continue reading The Crystal Pistol

The Roller Derby Queen

The workshop in 2008 was looming. I had fear in my gut and no idea what I was going to do. A New York agent had 50 pages of my book. A legitimate editor had fifteen, five other editors and creatives had five pages, and I had a constant panic attack moving through my system… Continue reading The Roller Derby Queen