The Progenitor 2: Char’s Legacy

It started at about eight that night. I had been reading to occupy my mind. I would guess Guardian. Maybe Shadow. I was sixteen, laying in a bed in Milwaukee in my aunt’s house in the attic where mice used to terrorize me, when the first pang of pain hit me. It felt like the… Continue reading The Progenitor 2: Char’s Legacy

The New Girl 8: Milwaukee Part 2

Bekah’s body was soft. I could feel the warmth of the room and the dancing all radiating off her in a way that made me feel safe and loved. As I held her, and we swayed to the music of the anniversary party, I realized I had never loved anyone or anything as much as… Continue reading The New Girl 8: Milwaukee Part 2

The New Girl 4: A Pinch of Salt

The first time I made love to my wife was an experience like I had never had before. I lost track of myself when I was with her. I felt every one of my alters pull close. Shadow felt the power of Artist moving through him. Assassin felt the sheer magnitude of the immensity of… Continue reading The New Girl 4: A Pinch of Salt

Lost Confessions: Living Room 5

You’re not going to fucking believe this. Shit I don’t know if I do. I wasn’t going to blog about this at all, but I figured I had already drawn you in with the first few, so I might as well put out the final entry on this subject. After this one, I am done… Continue reading Lost Confessions: Living Room 5

Lost Confessions: Living Room 1

It is happening in the living room for god sakes! That is kinda funny if you think about it, lol. He isn’t really scary. He is kinda boring looking. He has short hair and is sort of balding. He is wearing a suit. He has a bag or a briefcase with him. I can’t really… Continue reading Lost Confessions: Living Room 1

Lost Confessions: Scratch, Part 3

At the very end of my senior year, I was working my shift at Pizza Hut when my short, neurotic manager spun me around. Business was booming and pizza was flying everywhere. “You have visitors. Two girls. Big surprise. You have two minutes and I need you back here.” She buzzed away. I looked up… Continue reading Lost Confessions: Scratch, Part 3

The Heart of the Shadow

Guardian opened the door for her. He walked to the booth when led there, and he waited while she sat, before taking his seat across from her and smiling. Regina was taking him out to eat again. She did it often. All her money was spent entertaining us. Dinners, movies, all sorts of things were… Continue reading The Heart of the Shadow