Rise of the Tellers 16: Eldest

Christmas 2005 and me and Bekah have opened all of our presents before going to her parents’ house and we look around the house. We look at the tree. We look at each other and we can feel it. There is a gaping hole here. Something is missing from our lives. Someone. Not long after,… Continue reading Rise of the Tellers 16: Eldest

Creature in the Wastes, Part 2

Sunshine filled the room. Adam stood in its light basking in the warmth and the happiness it brought. He turned to his Lincoln Logs sitting in the corner, to the small black and white television sitting in the other and the soft bed, made with pressed sheets and gentle blankets, and he giggled. “I want… Continue reading Creature in the Wastes, Part 2

Smilin’ Jack, Part 4

Darkness and Job’s couch. I was asleep, and though lightning and rain raged out beyond the door, I was safe. Safe from homelessness, safe from starvation. But barely. Job had opened his house to me, had lent me succor from the streets. But I could not work. I was too far gone for that. I… Continue reading Smilin’ Jack, Part 4