Lost Confessions: Living Room 4


I thought I knew a lot about ghosts. I thought there were some fuckin’ rules about it. Things like ghosts only haunt places that were important to them in life. But this guy (if he is a ghost) is not fuckin playing by the rules.

I talked to him today. I saw him on the couch and I said, “Can you hear me?” I had sat down on the couch next to where he was sitting, but I wasn’t looking at him. He didn’t answer with a voice really. It was more like I had a feeling of yes or no.

He said yes.

I asked him, “Can you see me?”

He answered in that weird, psychic kind of way that yes, he could see me. I asked him if his name was Patron. His answer was no. “Is your name Tony?” His answer…no. I asked him if he was following my wife. Shit! I didn’t tell you guys about this part… hold on…

I had a conversation about this guy with my wife. We are expecting a baby, which you may or may not know. She came up with a theory that was kind of interesting. See, we believe in reincarnation, so when we started having children we knew in all likelihood these children would have previous lives. So Bekah’s theory is that this might be the soul of the child we are about to have waiting for his birth. Back to the conversation I had with the guy.

I asked him, “Are you following my wife?” His answer to that was no. “Can you see my son?” No. “Can you see my wife?” No. “Can you hear either of them?” No. “Are you here for Christmas?”

Okay, I can explain this one, too. I didn’t start seeing him until we put up the Christmas tree, so that led Adam to thinking he was here for Christmas. I knew he wouldn’t give it a rest if I didn’t at least ask if he was here for Christmas. Of course his answer was no.
“Why are you here?” I finally ask him. To this, there was no response.

“Can I do anything to help you?”

He did not respond, or if he did, I could not tell what he wanted.

So I ask you (and I really am asking, you fools don’t seem to want to send me any comments), what the fuck is going on with this guy? He is not seeing everyone in the house, just me. He is not haunting some place he knows, because he is not one of the people that once lived here. He is not doing anything either, he is just sitting in my fuckin’ living room. I am at a loss on this fuckin’ guy. Please, what do you think?

—Shadow, 2008

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